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The Haxtun FBLA Chapter attends Districts

Posted Date: 02/03/2023

The Haxtun FBLA Chapter attends Districts

The Haxtun FBLA Chapter had a very successful day at the District Leadership Conference held at NJC. Students spent the day competing in live presentations or participating in workshops put on by local students. This year, 58 students attended the conference. The following are the results of the objective tests and the live presentations.

(* = state qualifier)


3rd Place: Tyler Mavis*

6th Place: Trent Wernsman

7th Place: Jake Tori


1st Place: Brock Miller*

Business Calculations

1st Place: Jerron Turney*

Business Communications

7th Place: Megan Walker

Business Law

10th Place: Megan Walker

Cyber Security

9th Place: Joseph Helfer

Digital Animation

1st Place: Seth Seger, Carter Lock, Zach Statz*


1st Place: Emily Anderson, Kelsie Hadeen*

Future Business Leader:

1st Place: Aly Lock*

Health Care Administration:

1st Place: Aly Lock*

Introduction to Business Concepts:

6th Place: Bobbi Starkebaum

7th Place: Grant Statz

9th Place: Mikayli Benson

Introduction to Business Presentation:

3rd Place: Chase Goddard, Kinsley Koberstein, Coleman Firme*

5th Place: Serenity Dick

Introduction to Event Planning

5th Place: Reagan Jones

Introduction to FBLA:

5th Place: Mikayli Benson*

8th Place: Olivia Stone

Introduction to Financial Math:

3rd Place: Grant Statz*

Introduction to Information Technology

5th Place: Ryland Wolff*

Introduction to Marketing Concepts

3rd Place: Brandon Nall*

4th Place: Reagan Jones*

5th Place: Ryan Davis*

6th Place: Bret Kanode

7th Place: Katiegh Cody

9th Place: Logan Leonard

Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure

5th Place: Emily Anderson*

7th Place: Ryan Davis

Introduction to Public Speaking

1st Place: Lilly Lemesany*

Introduction to Social Media Strategy

1st Place: Jayleigh Bullard, Hadley Feik*

3rd Place: Bobbi Starkebaum*

5th Place: Annie Gutierrez, Emma Henry

9th Place: Faith Woodside

Job Interview:

1st Place: Brock Miller*


2nd Place: Kayti Williams*

3rd Place: Trent Wernsman*

Political Science:

1st Place: Michael Gerk*

3rd Place: Jerron Turney*

6th Place: Kyle Fryrear

8th Place: Maclin Tempel

10th Place: Tyler Mavis

Sales Presentation:

3rd Place: Mason Bornhoft, Keegan Colglazier, Tate Michael*

Securities and Investments:

1st Place: Ryland Wolff*

6th Place: Joseph Helfer

Sports and Entertainment Management:

4th Place: Corbin Andersen*

Spreadsheet Applications:

1st Place: Kanin Koberstein*

UX Design:

2nd Place: Hadley Feik*

4th Place: Kayti Williams*

6th Place: Jayleigh Bullard

*Indicates students qualified for the State Leadership Conference

The following will also attend the state conference in Chapter Projects:

American Enterprise Project: Cassidy Goddard, Kaiden Schelling, Grace Gibson

Community Service Project: Samantha Seger, Fallon Bamford

Local Chapter Annual Business Report: Aly Molde, Megan Walker, Braden Plumb

Partnership with a Business: Kyle Fryrear, Maclin Tempel, Michael Gerk

Brayden Clark will represent us as the District IV State Officer.

We want to give a huge shout out to the following students that helped make the conference a success! These students helped as timers, ran for supplies, made sure students were at the correct location, hosted workshops and assisted advisers in workshops:

Michael Gerk

Maclin Tempel

Kyle Fryrear

Jake Tori

Kaiden Schelling

Megan Walker

Grace Gibson

Cassidy Goddard

Samantha Seger

Fallon Bamford

Kelsie Hadeen

Emily Anderson

Aly Lock

Aly Molde